Clean Rooom Scanner with RTC


The Environment Monitor is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure & Real Time synchronized Clock in a single instrument in clean room area applications. The instrument is housed in an aesthetic M.S. body with stainless steel enclosure.

The Model AI-CRM4A is designed for minimum cabling & easy mounting in clean room areas & accepts 4 Analog Inputs , range programmable from front keys for 4-20mA Zero & Span settings. Each of the analog inputs is range programmable, temperature & humidity being range programmable between -99 to +999, the differential pressure input is programmable from 0 to 99 Pascals/mm.W.C. & the Channel Number is programmable from 0 to 9. The analog inputs can accommodate any front end transmitters from some of the world s most popular ones from Siemens, Honeywell, Sauter Race, Greystone , Dwyer, etc.

Specifications :

Input Type


4-20mA for each of the 4 Analog Input Channels



For Temperature : Programmable between -99 to 999 with selectable decimal
For Humidity : Programmable between -99 to 999 with selectable decimal
For Diff. Pressure : Programmable between -99 to 999 with selectable decimal



Analog Inputs : +/-0.1 % F.S.D. +/-1 count for each of the Analog Inputs
Real Time Clock : +/- 500 millisec for Real Time Clock in Synchronization Mode or +/- 2minutes per year for Real Time Clock in standalone mode ( No Synchronization or communication failure status)



Temperature & Humidity : 3 Digits, Red LED 1”High each
Differential Pressure : 3 Digits Red LED 1”High
Real Time Clock : 4 Digits (HH:MM) red LED 3/4”High



By 4 keys inside the plate

Note: For more details specifications, please download the additonal documents Download PDF

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