Flameproof Humidity & Temperature Indicator(AI-RHT-FLP)


ACE INSTRUMENTS make Flameproof Humidity & Temperature Indicator simultaneously measures %R.H. & Temperature in hazardous area applications. With 2 Analog Outputs of 4-20mA , one each for temperature & humidity along with optional RS485 Modbus communication , the instrument finds immense usage in pharmaceuticals , petrochemicals, bulk, drugs, chemicals, warehouses, pharma clean rooms & other allied application


  • Model: AI-RHT-FLP
  • Sensor Type: 1) Polymer sensing for Temperature
    2) Capacitive polymer sensing for Relative humidity
  • Range:1) 0.0 to +60.0 Deg.C typical for Temperature Standard (Speak to speak to Factory team for any other ranges)
    2) 0.0 to 100.0%R.H. for Relative humidity
  • Resolution:Resolution Fixed 0.1 for both Temperature & Relative humidity
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