Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensor


Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensors are industry standard devices for signal transfer over long distance using a pair of normal copper wires without EMI/RFI Interference over distance. Available in simplex ( 3 wire ) & Duplex ( 6 wire ) models.

Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensors (Optionally also available with non flameproof enclosures) are 3 Wire Class-A temperature sensors with excellent linearity & repeatability features, also available in Duplex 6 Wire Type models.

Simplex flameproof RTD Pt-100 sensor 3 wire / Duplex Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensors are 6 Wire Class A temperature sensors giving 2 outputs of 3 Wires Each, thus providing ease of connecting one RTD Pt-100 Sensor to 2 measuring devices simultaneously.

The Flameproof RTD Pt-100 Sensors are provided with a Flameproof Aluminium LM-6 Alloy construction thermocouple head certified by CIMFR, Dhanbad for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA & IIB. The standard material of construction of the sheath is Stainless Steel 316 with optional seamless stainless steel 316.

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