Flameproof Temperature Cum RPM Indicator(AI-BOC-02F )


Ace Instruments manufactures precision Flameproof Batch Operation Controller integrating RPM + Temperature Measurement with RPM Drive Selection Output to interface to Variable Frequency Drive for Agitator Control in Reactors for the Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs Industry. It eliminates the need for multiple instruments near the reactor & provides operational ease & safety.

Isolated Channels for Temperature & RPM Display with ON & OFF Push Buttons with option of interfacing with Variable Frequency Drive.


  • Unique Dual Input for 2 parameters
  • Large & Clear High Intensity Displays
  • Analog Input – Use for V.F.D. RPM or Pressure or Vacuum, etc.
  • Non Volatile Memory Stored to recall automatically after power failure
  • Industry Standard RS485 Modbus Protocol for SCADA Applications & Data Logging
  • Easy & Intuitive Software Calibration for both inputs
  • Safety Lock Push Button for STOP
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