USB Data Logger (Microlite)


Combining innovation with simplicity, the high accuracy MicroLite USB data logger is a vital tool for monitoring and recording a variety of data. Available in 6 models, offering a unique plug and record data logger for every application and helping organizations maintain the highest standards throughout the cold chain. Real-time sensor readings with corresponding time stamp are clearly displayed on the logger’s LCD screen, incorporating alarm thresholds. The logger is designed for low power consumption to extend battery life and reduce the time between battery replacements.

  • High functionality low cost multi-trip logger for an unbroken cold chain
  • USB 2.0 interface for fast track communication and firmware updates
  • Unique Boomerang feature that automatically creates and emails PDF data report when logger is connected to PC
  • Rapid data download to Graph, Table view and Excel spreadsheet
  • Built-in LCD with decimal point readings and LED alarm indicator
  • High accuracy sensors with 16-bit resolution
  • 2-year battery life, using Nano Watt technology
  • Up to 32,000 sample memory accommodating long-haul transports
  • Reed switch using magnet key to mark time stamps, activate and stop logging
  • Built-in real-time clock and calendar
  • Dust and water proof
  • Cradle wall mounting for fixed monitoring
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