Clean Room Smart Process Scanner (AI-CRM3-1A)

The Clean Room Smart Process Scanner is designed to measure the vital parameters of Temperature, Humidity & Differential Pressure in a single instrument in Clean Room Applications with a 3 Line LED Display. The Model AI-CRM3-1A is designed for minimum cabling & easy flush mounting in Modular Wall or Brick Walls of Clean Rooms. The sensors for all 3 parameters can be any sensors with industry standard 0-10 V.D.C. or 4-20mA Output.

The inputs in the Smart Process Scanner are user selectable between 4-20mA or 0-10 V.D.C. analog with range programmability for each of the 3 parameters. Sensors from Siemens, Honeywell, Trane, Sauter , etc. can be directly connected to the instrument with minimum effort. Additional features include integrated buzzer for parameter violation indication with acknowledgment key, individual LED for process violation and Isolated RS 485 Modbus Communication.The instruments find immense use in Pharma Clean Rooms, APIs, Bulk Drugs, Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Plants, Test Plants, Green Houses, etc. Easy integration to Building Management Systems (BMS) & SCADA interfacing allow easy set up & great control.

Also, available are ready to implement SCADA Monitoring Systems with Screens customized to meet your requirements & plant layouts. So, you can connect multiple instruments from our range of clean room instruments & monitor at a single or multiple (Thin Client) locations. The input range is front key programmable for each of the 3 parameters & input type are selectable from the front end sensor ranges are either standard or customized as per customer specifications. The Smart Process Scanner has additional features like buzzer delay time & password protected Offset provision to enable user to negate any sensor errors . The input ranges are also password protected thus providing protection from unauthorized tampering of the instruments.

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents