Flameproof Clean Room Scanner(AI-CRS3-1C-FLP)

The FLAMEPROOF CLEAN ROOM SCANNER is micro controller based indicator for indicating clean room differential pressure, temperature & humidity with synchronized high accuracy clock. This instrument has been designed mainly to monitor any 3 process parameters using external analog inputs from third party transmitters including temperature, %R.H., and Diff. pressure, indoor air quality, CO & air velocity transmitter, etc.

1) Programmable for INPUT 1(Differential Pressure) from -199 to +999.
2) Programmable for INPUT 2 (Relative Humidity) from - 199 to +999.
3) Programmable for INPUT 3 (Temperature) from - 199 to +999.
The front panel operation has been specially designed for user friendly operations. There are commands for programming input & output ranges, alarm settings. The documentation presented here describes the front panel operation in detail. The user is requested to go through this manual and familiarize himself with the operation before going ahead with any programming & operation.

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents