Differential Pressure Indicators (AI-DP1)

Differential Pressure Indicators are digital readout differential pressure gauges suited for application in laminar air flow cabinets, clean rooms, biosafety cabinets, AHU, etc. Differential pressure indicators are partre placement for the analog magnahelic® gauges & are easy to use with clear 4 digit led display. It comes with built in sensor & also a buzzer alarm with acknowledgement facility for process violation alert.

Salient features include unit conversion at the press of a key between mm.w.c. & Pascals, integrated buzzer alarm for set point violation, offset provision to meet audit requirements, analog 4-20ma output, 30 mm. Depth for clean room modular wall fitment & RS 485 modbus communication for BMS / SCADA / PLC integration.

Note: For more detailed specifications, please download the additonal documents